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First single is available feat. Jacob Collier

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  - 'Lau Noah is enchanting

 music lovers one song at a time' - 

  Billboard Magazine

- 'Spanish musician Lau Noah

wows on NPR Tiny Desk' -

 Language Magazine

- ' She makes these songs that are maybe two minutes long, but there’s just a whole world in each of them. It’s just her and her guitar, but her guitar sounds like a freakin’ orchestra.' -

Chris Thile

- 'Lau is a master songcrafter' -

Jacob Collier

Lau Noah’s music somehow defies category while also belonging to various places and times at once.  Or maybe she’s tapping into the same source that so much great music taps into: the mother melody. It’s a sound not quite heard like this before, but something strikingly familiar.


- 'Since Joni Mitchell left her unique mark on music history in the late 1960s, only a few have succeeded in developing their own style with nothing more than a voice and a guitar, which can be recognized by thousands. Lau Noah therefore belongs to a very select group.' -

Mixed World Music



UK                                                                        EUROPE

   NOV 8  Bath - UK                  TICKETS

  NOV 9 Brighton - UK             TICKETS

  NOV 10 Birmingham - UK       TICKETS

  NOV 12 Oxford - UK               TICKETS

  NOV 13 London - UK              TICKETS

  NOV 15 Gateshead - UK          TICKETS

  NOV 16 York - UK                  TICKETS

  NOV 17 Manchester - UK        TICKETS

  NOV 18 Edinburgh - UK          TICKETS

NOV 20 Dublin - IE                TICKETS

  NOV 23 Zurich - CH               TICKETS

  NOV 25 Berlin - DE                TICKETS

  NOV 26 Wiesbaden - DE          TICKETS

  NOV 27 Utrecht - NL              TICKETS

  NOV 30 Paris - FR                  TICKETS

  DEC 1 Antwerp - BE               TICKETS

  DEC 2 Dudelange - LU            TICKETS

  DEC 4 Essen - DE                   TICKETS


Lau Noah releases the first single of her upcoming album featuring Jacob Collier